Thursday, October 18, 2012

Diy Hair Mask

Instead of going out and paying $20+ for a hair mask you can just make your own with a few ingredients that you'll most likely have around your house.  After bleaching my hair back blonde, it was seriously damaged. So I started looking up hair masks to try and repair it and came up with this.

You'll need:
3/4 cup of Coconut milk (or coconut oil)
1 tablespoon Natural honey
3/4 cup og Virgin olive oil
A bowl

Step one:

Cut the avocado in half, and mash it into the bowl until it is a paste.

(make sure your avocado is 100% ripe. The last time I did this, it wasn't ripe and took 30 mins. just to wash out and also made a HUGE mess when applying.)

Step two:
Heat up the olive oil and coconut milk for 2 mins.

Step three:

Pour a table spoon of honey

Step four:

Add your honey, olive oil, and coconut oil to the avocado

now stir, stir, stir until it looks like this:

Apply to your hair for 2 hours and then rinse away :)

Tell me how it works for you!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Simple white and black polka dot nails :)

Hey loveys, so sorry I have been gone. But now I'll give you a quick nail tutorial to make up for it :p

You will need:
Black nail polish
White nail polish
Base coat
Finishing coat
Fingernail polish remover
A boby pin

Make sure there is no old nail polish on nails

1. Apply base coat
2.  I will do a patter of white with black dots then black with white dots.
    I will do all the white first. So apply two coats of white polish on alternating nails
3.Take your bobby pin, using the little ball at the end, dip it in black nail polish and make dots on the nail.

  continue doing this till you get the desired look. Your dots can be big or small.

4. Next paint the other nails black
5. Now with the other clean ball at the end of the boby, dip it in white nail polish and add dots to your nail.

  continue this till you get the desired look. Again, they can be any size.

Now just apply a top coat and you're all done :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have the best boyfriend ever.

So lets get away from tutorials and beatuy for a second (even though it is beautiful).

I told my boyfriend to pick me up a tape measure (as I had to measure myself after insanity) after work. Well he comes home, takes the tape measure out of his pocket and let teh end fall in my hands. And there it was, the ring i've been dying to have. (It is a promise ring, not engagement) I am the happiest girl in this world. I can't wait to grow old with this guy.

Here we are last year for homecoming, I love this picture. Our personality shows so much through this picture.
 And then again for Easter.So cute

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Splatter nail tutorial

Hey guys, today i'll be showing you how to do the splatter nail technique (as seen above). It's really easy and super fun to do. You can pick any colors you want (I went with white and black as it matches with nearly EVERYthing).

You will need:
     1. White nail polish (first coat)
     2. Whatever other colors you want
     3. Vaseline
     4. A lead pencil
     5. Q-tips
     6. Fingernail polish remover
     7. Sheet of paper

Step ONE: You will need to get the blowing tool ready, so do this first. Take a lead pencil apart, and simply cut off the tube that contains the lead. Now you have your blowing tool. Easy huh?

Step TWO: Apply vaseline to the sides of fingers. (this makes removal way easier)

Step THREE:  Paint all nails white. It's not a big deal if it gets on sides; it's about to get WAYYY messier.

Step FOUR: Using a tray (I used back of a mirror) place a dap of whatever color you chose (or first color if you chose more than one). 

You will then take your fingernail polish remover and add it to your fingernail polish. (this will thin out the polish so it will spray out of the blower) DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, OR IT WILL NOT WORK. 

Now mix mix mix. 

Step FIVE: Dab your "blower" in the polish. Make sure the end is closed with polish. (also make sure there is none dripping or an excessive amount of polish or it will create a puddle on your nail)

Putting your mouth on the other end, face it towards your nail and blow fast. This will create the splatter effect. 

You will continue this on each nail (I will not bore you with a bunch of pictures of me doing every single nail.) Apply a clear coat and you're all done :)

There you have it; a cute and easy splatter nail. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to follow this blog!! Comment if you have any questions. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

How to: loose waves using a 3 barrel waver.

Hey guys, today i'll show you how to create loose waves using a 3 barrel curler (as seen above) . I'll also show you a cute hairstyle to do with the waves at the end. So just keep on reading :)
I'm also making this because I searched ALL over youtube and could not find a tutorial on using the 3 barrel waver on short hair. So I hope I explained good enough :)

What you will need:
    Hairspray ( I use Aussie)
    Teasing comb
    Hair clip
    3 barrel curler (I'm using Revlons)
    I also used Chi silk infusion

Step ONE: If you are using any silkening gloss; this is the time to do so. You will apply this ONLY to your ends.

Step TWO: You then will teast the top of your hair (this will make your waves have more volume at the root.

 1. Lift up a small section of hair
 2. Spray hairspray at roots
 4. Using a teasing comb; start at middle of your hair and comb downwards.

 Keep doing this until you get desired volume. (it should look this crazy :p)

5. Lightly comb down the crazyness and it should look something like this.

Step THREE: Now you need to section off the bottom of your hair.

Step FOUR: Now it's time to start waving your hair!!

1. Grab small section of hair and clamp the waver down as close to the root as possible.
 2. Next you will place the top barrel on the last curve. (this will make the waves continuous)
 3. It will look like this when you're done.
 You will keep doing this and letting down layers of your hair until you have finished every piece. It should look like this. ** Doing your bangs is OPTIONAL.

Step FIVE: You will then take your fingers and shake your hair to break apart the sections.

It should look like this in the end. Make sure to spray hairspray!!!!!

You can leave your hair down or you can continue to the next step for a cute hairstyle :)

All you need to do is split your bangs down the middle; take one side, twist it and pin it down. Repeat on other side.

 And this is the result look!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial :)