Saturday, September 1, 2012

Simple white and black polka dot nails :)

Hey loveys, so sorry I have been gone. But now I'll give you a quick nail tutorial to make up for it :p

You will need:
Black nail polish
White nail polish
Base coat
Finishing coat
Fingernail polish remover
A boby pin

Make sure there is no old nail polish on nails

1. Apply base coat
2.  I will do a patter of white with black dots then black with white dots.
    I will do all the white first. So apply two coats of white polish on alternating nails
3.Take your bobby pin, using the little ball at the end, dip it in black nail polish and make dots on the nail.

  continue doing this till you get the desired look. Your dots can be big or small.

4. Next paint the other nails black
5. Now with the other clean ball at the end of the boby, dip it in white nail polish and add dots to your nail.

  continue this till you get the desired look. Again, they can be any size.

Now just apply a top coat and you're all done :)

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