Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to: winged eye-liner

Hooray for my very first blog/tutorial!!!!!!!

Hi all, lets start this week with a step-by-step guide (with pictures) on how to create a the winged eye look.

What I used (you do not have to use the exact brands I use; although I do recommend them.)
  • White eye shadow (Mineral effects)
  • Black liquid eye pen (Revlon Colorstay)
  • Eye liner pencil (name is washed off, but you can use any kind you have)
  • Mascara in black (Organic wear from Physicians formula)
  • Cream eyeliner in black (e.l.f) make sure you use a cream eyeliner brush!
  • I will not add a list of brushes, as most people use what brushes they prefer

WARNING: My eyebrows are HORRIBLE! Please ignore!

Step ONE:

       Add white eye shadow to the whole eyelid

Step TWO:

     Take your liquid eye pen and start from the center to your eye and end at the outer corner of your eye.
(Excuse my crooked line :p)
Try making your line as straight as possible; unlike mine.


      You will then start from the inner corner of your eye and connect your line to the center.
Step FOUR:

      Make a LITTLE flick up from the end of your eye liner (outer corner); it should point to the end of your eyebrow! Do NOT make the line go straight to the side. (You can make this flick however long you want)

Step FIVE:

      Start from the outer end of your "FLICK" and connect it back to your liner. (Basically; make a triangle.)

                         (I am aware that my "triangle" looks messed up; it'll look better in the end.)

Step SIX:

       Fill in the triangle.

                                        (It should look similar to this when your eye is open)
  I know I totally forgot to take a picture with my eye closed. But you get the point without               the picture.


       Lift up your eye lid using your finger and line your upper water line with your pencil eyeliner.

                                                   (This will make your lashes look fuller)
                                                             CRAZY looking eyeball :p


       Apply your mascara to your upper lashes; also lower if you like. (3 coats should do the job)

Step NINE:

       Using your cream eyeliner, line your lower water line.
           ( We all know how to do this; no picture needed)

TADA; you have yourself a winged eye!!!!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. It is my first one; so it's not the best. (Cut me some slack) If you have any questions you can comment below; also tell me what other tutorials/blogs you'd like me to do.

Have a great day!! :)

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